Ford Finance and Leasing

At Kennedy Ford, we are proud to offer several ways to purchase a vehicle. In addition to being able to purchase a vehicle outright, otherwise known as a cash purchase, our financial services managers can help you get approved for a finance or a lease.

Ford Financing

While most of our new vehicles are financed through Ford Credit, we also work with all major banks to provide you competitive finance rates and terms on our pre-owned vehicles as well.

Red carpet leasing

Leasing is the concept of only paying for what you use. Ford Motor Company decides on the future value of a new Ford vehicle based on how long you plan on keeping it and how many Kilometers you will be driving. That residual value is then deducted from the sale price and the difference is what you pay spread out throughout the term. This allows people to change vehicles more frequently and often spend less in the process.

Kennedy National Leasing

With Kennedy National Leasing (KNL) on your side, we can provide more solutions and options that will help your business maximize its transportation budget. KNL allows our customers to expand beyond the traditional manufacturers leasing structure. We can structure your lease to work for you and your organization!

Due to our flexible leasing exceptions, we can provide you with a custom-tailored lease on a pre-owned vehicle from our own inventory or source just the right vehicle for your needs. Pickup trucks, commercial vans to dump trucks! With Kennedy National Leasing we have you covered!